Construction & Engineering

By the Grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY SUMICO proudly announces launching its New division CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING

SUMICO journey from Plant Services in 2008 till today is dedicated to Team work ,Cohesion among different sales and services division and Our untiring services to Our valuable clients.

Sumico Construction & Engineering Will introduce new techniques in field of construction, fabrication civil works and project based business . As we go forward we see ourselves standing proudly among largest contractors in Pakistan and has completed daunting  challenges and projects.

Our core efforts will be customer satisfaction and belief to serve with our best abilities without compromising quality standards according to existing rules laws and standing operational procedures.

Sumico Construction & Engineering will ensure to work closely with Our clients to ensure transparent procurement , management quality products , projects and foster a collaborative environment where both can grow and flourish.

We pledge to develop a potent force in the New Division and to work with commitments and dedication to our clients and industry.   “Good luck and BON VOYAGE “


Recognition / Authorization

Recognition /Authorization as INSPECTION AUTHORITY (3rd PARTY) - "CLASS-1"