Eddy Current Non Destructive Testing is used for crack detection, material of coating thickness and conductivity measurements. Our Inspections are capable for revealing small cracks and defects at or near the surface with the ability to determine immerdiate results.we have the capability to inspect complex shapes and sizes of conductive materials due to the portability of our eddy current testing equipment. we also provide advanced techniques such as scanning, multiple frequency,swept frequency and pulsed inspection.

• Electromagnetic/Eddy Current Testing

    • Surface & Subsurface Inspection
    • Surface & Subsurface through Coating Inspection
    • Cunductitivty Measurrnent
    • Sorting of Material
    • Wheel Inspection
    • Weld inspection
    • Rotary bolt hole & Rivets inspection
    • Tubing Inspection

• Our Solutions

IMMUSCO provides NDT services to Insure that the product is Flawless & manufactured according to all the quality requirments.
Shutdowns are essential activity for the health of plant therefore its maintenance & inspection should insure the quality & safety checks here SUMICO can assist you.
IMMUSCO provides Pre-service & material verification Inspection by using Non Destructive Inspection tools.


Recognition / Authorization

Recognition /Authorization as INSPECTION AUTHORITY (3rd PARTY) - "CLASS-1"