Hardness has a variety of meanings. To the metals industry, it may be thought of as resistance to permanent deformation. To the metallurgist, it means resistance to penetrate. To the lubrication engineer, it means resistance to wear. To the design engineer, it is a measure of flow stress. To the mineralogist, it means resistance to scratching and to the machinist, it means resistance to machining.
The principle purpose of the hardness test is to determine the suitability of a material for a given application, or the particular treatment to which the material has been subjected. The ease with which the hardness test can be made has made it the most common method of inspection for metals and alloys

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    • Brinell Tebting Scale
    • Rockwell B & C Testing Scale
    • Vicker testing scale

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IMMUSCO provides NDT services to Insure that the product is Flawless & manufactured according to all the quality requirments.
Shutdowns are essential activity for the health of plant therefore its maintenance & inspection should insure the quality & safety checks here SUMICO can assist you.
IMMUSCO provides Pre-service & material verification Inspection by using Non Destructive Inspection tools.

Portable Hardness Tester - Equotip 540


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Recognition /Authorization as INSPECTION AUTHORITY (3rd PARTY) - "CLASS-1"