Unbalanced bearings are always causes of machinery vibration. There comes a time when simply replacing bearings or balancing does not solve the problem. In depth analysis of your particular problem and determining the ‘root cause’ of vibration is the objective of our vibration analysis services. So you need the best tools available to manage your machinery availability. You get the fastest and most powerful vibration data collector out there. Small and lightweight, it’s part of an entire line of industry-leading analyzers. You can stay up-to date on the condition that can bring your asset down, like wear, looseness, imbalance, shaft alignment, motor electrical faults and pump cavitations. Which means you can manage your machinery instead of your machinery manages you.

Over the years vibration monitoring and trending has evolved as a prominent source of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. Every rotating and reciprocating machinery is studied for its baseline acceptable vibration limits upon commissioning and then trended over standard deviations measured in a scheduled vibration data acquisition and monitoring. Plant maintenance activities shift from preventive to proactive by timely addressing the vibration diagnostics, and thus enabling a reliable operation.

Vibration Diagnostics

With the help of state of the art vibration analyzers and internationally trained professional, IMMUSCO helps in identifying following major issues related to industrial machinery:

1. Structural looseness
2. Rotating looseness
3. Resonance
4. Unbalance
5. Pump cavitation
3. Misalignment
4. faults Soft Footing
5. Flow turbulence

Vibration Analysis is performed on Rotary and Reciprocating assets of plant:

• Turbine
• Motors
• Pumps
• Compressors
• Gensets
• Engines
• Gear Box

Identified Problems

MisalignmentTurbulence Problems
LoosenessFoundation Issues
Bearing FaultLine Frequency Interference problems
Gear Box FaultBelt Related Faults
Motor’s FaultsJournal Bearing Faults
Cavitation FaultsRotor Dynamics

Reliability Plus Software

Vibration Analysis of rotary machines is carried out through Reliability Plus Software. This solution is capable of recording observations made after vibration data collection, its analysis and recommendation for each rotary machines installed at site. Some snap shots of Reliability inspection are attached in next slides.


Recognition / Authorization

Recognition /Authorization as INSPECTION AUTHORITY (3rd PARTY) - "CLASS-1"