Ultrasonic Testing  (UT) to detect flaws, take dimensional measurements, and to do material characterization, when using UT inspection method, we are able to identify flaws and discontinuities.

UT is recognized for having the highest depth of penetration to detect subsurface flaws. Our sophisticated digital ultrasonic testing equipment with DAC/DGC/AVG options is highly accurate in determining flaw position and estimating size and shape. In most case, it is only necessary to have one-side access and our technicians have the ability to evaluate with immediate results.

• Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing

    • Straight Beam
    • Angel Beam
    • Thickness monitoring
    • Coating Thickness monitoring

• Our Solutions

IMMUSCO provides NDT services to Insure that the product is Flawless & manufactured according to all the quality requirments.
Shutdowns are essential activity for the health of plant therefore its maintenance & inspection should insure the quality & safety checks here SUMICO can assist you.
IMMUSCO provides Pre-service & material verification Inspection by using Non Destructive Inspection tools.


Recognition / Authorization

Recognition /Authorization as INSPECTION AUTHORITY (3rd PARTY) - "CLASS-1"