Sumico have expertise in Fabrication & Installation of Pressure Vessel, Storage Tanks, Piping, Structure Supports Fabrication & Installation, Plant Maintenance.


Drill Pipe Tube and Tool joints inspections are carried out as per latest edition of DS-1 Vol.3 standard recommended categories and procedures using highly efficient and advance tools and equipment. Our team of inspectors is fully professional, certified, experienced and well trained with all inspection standards.

Types of Inspection:

1. Visual Connection Inspection
2. Visual Tube Inspection
3. OD Gauging Full Length
4. UT Wall thickness measurement of Tube
5. Electromagnetic Scanning of tube body
6. Magnetic Particle Inspection of Slip/upset Area
7. Ultrasonic Inspection of Slip/upset Area

Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) and Specialty Tools Inspection

Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) and Specialty Tools I.e. Drill Collar, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP), Directional drilling Mud Motor, Drilling Jar, Under reamers, Hole Openers, Roller reamers, IBOPs, Surface Safety Valves, Kelly Valves, Stabilizer, Fishing Tools, MWD/LWD Tools and Sub tools inspections are carried out as per latest editions of DS-1 standard recommended categories, procedures and client recommended procedures using the latest tools and equipment by the team of well trained and experienced inspectors.

Types of Inspection:

1. Visual Connection Inspection
2. Black light Connection Inspection
3. Thread Profile Gauging
4. Dimensional Inspection
5. Visual Body Inspection
6. Magnetic Particle Inspection
7. Dye Penetrant Inspection
8. Heat Checking Inspection (HWDP Only)
9. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection of Connections
10. Slip Groove Inspection

Casing and Tubing Inspection

We are providing specialized inspection services for casing and tubing according to the procedure of API-5CT, API-5A5, 5B1 and other specific procedures provided by the clients.

Types of Inspection:

1. Visual Threads Inspection
2. API Full Length Drift Testing
3. Thread Profile gauging
4. Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurements
5. Visual Tube Inspection


Recognition / Authorization

Recognition /Authorization as INSPECTION AUTHORITY (3rd PARTY) - "CLASS-1"